Fear uses tools like judgment, anxiety, people-pleasing, sabotage, or self-doubt to keep us small and safe.  

Self-doubt erodes your self-esteem and self-confidence. Once you provide room for fear, it will occupy the space. Self-doubt makes us think…

“I’m inadequate.” 

“Maybe, I’m not meant for this.” 

But the truth is… 

You are intelligent

People can see how incredible you are – but the issue is that you cannot see yourself.

You cannot see that You are the answer, the answer to somebody else’s prayers – and they are waiting on you. 

Last week I had some calls scheduled and a few fell through. I was really down about it. Even though I knew better, I was beating myself up about it. As I told myself it was okay and that tomorrow is a new day, doubt crept in. I knew I was heading down a slippery slope – I was working my faith, and I knew I needed support. 

“Well see? You can’t do it. Nobody showed up today therefore you don’t have it like you think you do.”

“If you call someone for support, then you’re really not up to par and they’ll know it. Are you really going to expose yourself? You can’t let anyone see your mess. Get it together and come back when everything is fine. Don’t humiliate yourself” ….said my fears

This is how quickly you can spiral into a negative frame of mind if you aren’t careful.

The truth is there is no room for both freedom AND fear. 

There is no room for both faith AND doubt. 

They can’t dwell in the same space. 

There is only room for one

The question is which will you provide room for?

Each time you choose fear, you’re moving further and further away from your hopes and dreams. 

We are meant to expand. We are meant to live. And this doesn’t happen when you choose your fears.