Let’s talk about you,

You’ve become aware and determined you’re willing to take action. The next step is your connection – to yourself, to others, and to life. The growth and transformation to get to the next level requires your participation. This isn’t just strategies and tactics, but rather beliefs and skills.  

The key to your next level – your freedom and inner peace – lies within you. 

Connection is the number one human need. When you get to settle in with life, you know you are supported and grounded. You must be connected with yourself, others, and spirit. Are you in tune with yourself – your habits, beliefs, and why you make the choices you make? 

The choices you make day in and day out are all driven by your values.You have to be connected with yourself – your strengths, gifts and who you are at your core. If your head and heart are not aligned, you’ll remain discontent, unhappy and out of balance.  

Now consider how you interact with people. It takes courage to acknowledge connections with others – but you have to be willing to get through the dark spots for the better. When the rubber meets the road, what do you do? 

Your connection to spirit – whatever that may be to you – lessens the hold fear has on you. Your journey to the next level, your higher self, and becoming who you want to be is all encompassing. How you do one thing is how you do everything. If you approach one area of life disconnected, all aspects of life will be met with blame and excuses. If you approach life connected on all levels, you know you are safe and supported and have the ability to take control of the fear based behaviors that have been controlling you.  

80% of our decisions are fear based. 

Fear uses tactics to get you to make a decision and you make the easy choices from that space opposed to what you truly want and believe in. When you’re in the space of fear without connection to yourself, you have no room for compassion. Fear keeps you safe in your familiar territory where you’re comfortable… but as a result, you don’t move forward. When you’re connected, your life has more meaning and you discover clarity.   

We are all here to learn but we are also here bearing gifts. Our gifts are not to hoard and hold for ourselves, but instead to share. Yet you cannot deliver if you are not connected to yourself.    

You have the books, podcasts and programming but it still seems like you’re failing to make an impact – because these tools are not tailored to you. I am called to serve you and I am committed to your higher self and your next level. Together we will build the confidence you need and uncover the tricks fear uses to hold you back. You will cultivate powerful life skills to navigate the insidious fears that rob you of your joy, inner peace and your next level.  

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