Change is required!

That blog could begin:

“One thing we know for sure, to grow and develop… Change is required

“In order to make stepS towards positive growth, you must be able to answer these:

  • Who you are
  • What you bring to the table
  • What are Your capabilities
  • What are Your frustrations, disappointments, happiness
  • What are Your desires
  • What brings you joy
  • What brings you peace
  • What you are passionate about

Because, unawareness runs you into an unending cycle that keeps you stuck and not progressing.

So whenever you are feeling stagnant, playing small, not progressing, can you take a deep introspection into where you are, truly?

Change starts with Awareness.

When you are aware you can sort through truth and untruths that you have bought into over the years.

Awareness comes responsibility…this means you get to do what you will as you will because you are responsible for your life.

On the flip side, the thought of being responsible seems to weighty for some so Many people avoid responsibility; they turn a blind eye to what’s around them, their limitations, or possibilities.

You must be clear and keenly in tune with who you are and where you are in order to get to where you want to be.

Here are two Action Steps to dial up your awareness and get you moving in the right direction

  1. Get to know yourself on a deeper level
  2. Understand who is really running the show in your life –  Are your fears or your desires? Find out Here

If you are ready to get out of the cycle and navigate change to move forward, it’s time we talked: