Dream killers. We all deal with them, whether we realize it or not. Understanding what dream killers are and how they can affect you can allow you to overcome them and reach the goals you have. Whether it is a new goal for this year or it is one you have had for 3, 5, or even 10 years, being cognizant and aware of what can push you off track is essential. You have the power to achieve your goals inside of you – if you are willing to fight for it and put the time in. What are some dream killers you need to be aware of?

Lack of Clarity

Do you know who you are on a deep level? Not just your strengths and weaknesses, but how you think. Your brain is wired to keep you safe and this protection can keep you living small and comfortably. Even thinking about moving outside of this comfort zone can strike fear and anxiety in the deepest parts of you, which leads you to doing the same thing over and over without any results. You must get clear on who you are on the deepest level to combat the thousands of negative thoughts going through your mind each and every day. You don’t realize you have the inner power to get you where you need to be. Become aware of that and watch your life change.

Ditch the Switch

You may have failed. You may have made the wrong decisions. You may feel like you are not perfect enough. If this is your thought process, you are beating yourself before you even begin to work toward your goals. Being hard on yourself is not a motivator to succeed. It is a tool that fear uses to keep you unsatisfied and to keep you down. When has beating yourself up worked for you? Never, because you are not seeing your power clearly. Whatever you call that negative voice inside your head, realize that this is not you. That is fear. Ditch the switch into negativity. Instead, give yourself some grace.

Ditch the Excuses

If you are going to move your dreams into reality, you are going to have to quit making excuses. It is easy to make excuses for why something didn’t go the way you wanted, but that is just fear talking. Your fear has convinced you to stop trying because it makes you believe you are going to fail again. This causes you to hold onto your excuses, rather than ditching them and learning from your failures and mistakes. Don’t let your past predict your future. Excuses take away your accountability and power, so you don’t try.

Become more self-aware so that you can use your experiences, education, spirituality to serve you in achieving your goals and gain the freedom from fear you need. If you make mistakes, give yourself grace – quit beating yourself up and ditch the switch into negativity. Quit making excuses for your past mistakes. Live in the now and learn from the past, so that you can move forward. Quit letting these dream killers rule your future. You have the power to do great things inside you!