A parent who thinks they’re underperforming so they go at it harder to perform better and better, and it creates an enormous amount of pressure and eventually eats at their energy and confidence. Many handle their self disappointments in just this way.

The event that led to your disappointment has happened ….and it’s valid – AND it is now in the past.

When we dwell on disappointments, we are living in the past and being robbed of today. You are being robbed of your now. You are being robbed of your future.

The unending quest to right your disappointments eats at you, it is draining.

The work you put into correcting the past eats at your self-esteem, self-belief and simply your energy. When you fail to meet expectations, you find yourself worrying about how to make it right.

Here you are, spending extra hours trying to prove something to someone.

Here you are, never taking the time to re-energize or take care of yourself.

Here you are, robbing yourself of kindness or even something as simple as eating a good meal because you have to make things right.

By the time you’re done putting in the extra work to right the past wrong, you have nothing left for your life, NOW.

What if you found grace in your disappointments? What if you stopped trying to correct your disappointment?

What if you could simply look at your disappointment for what it is, acknowledge it, and move on? Of course, there are things to be learned for self-growth, but anything more than determining the lesson provided is dwelling.

“It’s okay. It happened. You did the best you could with the resources you had at the time.” And that’s it…it’s time to move on.

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