You must actively decide it is what you want and choose it for yourself. That’s the thing about living a life of “Purpose

What does living a life of purpose mean anyways? Many people come to me because they want to:

  1. Truly live out their life’s purpose
  2. Do the things that they love and matters to them
  3. Be seen as an expert in their field
  4. Make an impact in the world
  5. Have a better marriage
  6. Be a better parent
  7. Leave their current job or change jobs/career
  8. Develop and nurture relationships that truly matter to them
  9. Go on vacation – engage in hobbies without guilt
  10. Feel more in control with their life
  11. Own themselves and see their own dreams come to life
  12. Feel better about themselves and their decisions

And much more.

Living a life of purpose, where you get to make the choices that truly matters to you and your heart requires your active participation.

But guess why you choose to not participate? Yes, good ol’ Fear! Because if you decided on what you wanted and took some steps towards it and it doesn’t work, then what? You have to endure the embarrassment, the humiliation?

Fear says, you are ok as you are, you have no idea what’s on the other side.  And I assure you, what’s on the other side of fear is exactly what you keep dreaming about.

It’s going to require you to be courageous.

So, first DECIDE you want this for your life and then go ahead and CHOOSE it… everyday.

Choosing it means your every action and inaction must be in alignment with that purpose – with your decision.

Have you been choosing daily actions that are not in alignment with what you have decided you want? With your Purpose?

Or are you choosing daily without deciding or without knowing what your purpose is but you keep dreaming of living this fulfilling, purposeful life?

First step, Decide! And then Choose it everyday!


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