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This Past Weekend…


Imagine you are at an International Street Festival with hundreds of people dancing, eating, parading, and vendors conducting one transaction or another with potential customers and then your eye catches a pair of unique, right sized, green colored earrings.  You know immediately these are the earrings you have been looking [...]

This Past Weekend…2019-09-25T18:08:36-04:00

How Your Self-Made Movies Cost You?


Most people choose their line of work with the hopes to do well, add value, be successful, respected, and admired by their colleagues and management.  However, what might get in the way are the stories we tell ourselves and the movies we make up in our minds. I had a [...]

How Your Self-Made Movies Cost You?2019-09-25T18:09:04-04:00

Lack of Clarity in the Workplace


There is vast number of articles, videos, studies, webinars, and coaches talking about getting “clear” – getting crystal clear about what you want or getting clear about “your why.”  Because, if you have any lack of clarity, then the goal you embark on is at risk of falling short or [...]

Lack of Clarity in the Workplace2019-09-25T18:10:11-04:00

Serve as a Team Player Without Selling Yourself Short


You want to be a part of the team and want to be seen as an actively engaged team player and more and boom, before you know it; you are drained, you are burning out quickly, you are almost becoming a door mat for the team.  Sure, you take one [...]

Serve as a Team Player Without Selling Yourself Short2019-09-26T01:59:48-04:00

What Questions are you Asking Yourself?


Imagine, you are in a meeting with a couple of your colleagues and upper management, you are feeling confident about your expertise and knowledge and you chime in. Right as you land, your colleague whom you deem a ‘friend’ blurts out “no, that’s not going to work! This is a [...]

What Questions are you Asking Yourself?2019-09-25T18:12:06-04:00