I am feeling very positive and optimistic about this year. How about you? Are you determined something needs to change like my friend, Amy, or have you had your 2020 planned out for years? Maybe your previous year was so amazing you want to continue doing the same things or you have been trying to reach the same goal for years. If either of these is you, it’s okay. You can still go into 2020 strong. How are you going to do it? Is it going to work? 


Three Ways to Level Up in 2020

I want to share three ways to help you to up-level yourself and your life in the new year and beyond. You know your why calls for more, and you are committed to that more. Yet there’s something in the way, and I need to say to you that it’s probably you. A lot of the time it is you, right? Cause a lot of times that’s happened with me. We are in our own way.

1. Be Available to Your More

Are you genuinely available to your more? That availability looks different for different people based on what it is you’re wanting. Some people need to be more available physically or emotionally. You want to be able to love your partner deeper or have a great conversation with your partner. But are you available emotionally for that or are you closed off? You want to make new friends, no connections, yet you want to just sit in your house and work. You just want to go from work or the office straight to the house. You don’t want to go. You don’t want to hang out with your coworkers or your friends at a coffee shop physically. Sometimes that availability shows up in your willingness. You must be available for your next level because it’s not happening without you.


Are you able to see the opportunities in obstacles or are your obstacles a stop sign? Until you can shift your mindset, your way of thinking, your way of being, your way of seeing the world and seeing yourself, you will always see obstacles as a stop sign, as a dead end. 


2. Be an Active Participant in Your Breakthrough

Your choices will always reflect your beliefs. You’re making choices out of fear or freedom, whether you know it or not. The question is, which are you? What I do with my clients is help them take their power back so they can become an active participant in their breakthrough, in their opportunity, in their next level so they can operate from a place of freedom.


You can’t just pray for it; you can’t just talk about it. You must participate in the shift that you want. Once you figure out who you need to be, you can take steps to become that person. What you will realize is what you’re missing is not the how, but inner belief. Somewhere along the way, you lost faith in who you are and whose you are. What I help you do is build that inner belief so you can make better choices out of a place of freedom to create the life that you want.


3. Do the Work

Do the work. You know how to do it. You’re brilliant. You come up with ideas right and left. Yet, something is missing and it’s not about the next strategy or tactic. You keep thinking the answer is outside of you. No, there’s a shift on the inside of you that must happen. There’s a shift on the inside of you that must take place. Your mindset needs to shift from where it is right now. There’s a level of inner belief on the inside of you that needs to be called higher. 


For you to reach your next level, you must do the inner work to get you up there. The outer work is not sustainable. It won’t sustain that next level. Maybe you will get there, but I promise you will bounce right back. That’s why you self-sabotage yourself all the time because you have not done the inner work. You have not made the inner shift. 


Get ready to up-level for 2020. Become available to your next level. You can’t stay where you are and get to where you want to be. It doesn’t work. You must become an active participant. Then you’ve got to do the inner work. Want help? Visit my site and schedule a clarity call to see if I can help you.