In the past, I wouldn’t celebrate my birthday. I wouldn’t make a big thing about it just because I thought, why would I toot my own horn? It’s not humble. It’s not Christian. Not anymore. I celebrate me and all of me. And so today I am on a high just because of that. You are either living in fear or freedom. Research shows that more than 75% of our decisions are made in fear. I lived in fear of celebrating my birthday because I didn’t want people to think I am too proud. You may have something in your heart but won’t do it because of fear. You have ideas, but you are holding back due to fear of judgment. You may think you are too loud, too much, and try to mold yourself into what they want. Girl, that is fear, and if you are making decisions out of fear, you are going to struggle. Stop struggling!


Who is In the Driver’s Seat?

Do you know who is in the driver’s seat of your life? Many people think that they are making decisions, but they are only reacting to fear. I want you to become keenly aware of who or what is driving the show. Do you doubt your decisions? Do you hide from people? I was this person. I questioned every decision I made and I would hide from others. This comes from a place of fear, simply because you are afraid someone is going to judge you. Do you have trouble trusting other people? You are afraid. You do not trust yourself and are fearful of trusting others. You may have been burned one time too many, but it is time to stop letting fear make your decisions. You are wasting time. Are you in the driver’s seat or is your fear driving you?


Your dreams are in the backseat, and fear is your chauffeur that never lets the backseat riders into the world. Your dreams need to be driving you! When you realize you are hiding because of fear of judgment or because you feel you’re not adequate or not good enough, then you can choose differently. So many of you are wanting more, you want different, but you can’t make the decision from a place of power. You feel you need to wait. Awareness is key right here because if you are not aware, you’re at the mercy of somebody else or something else.


Awaken Your Possibilities

Awaken your inner belief. You know how to do it. You know the strategies. However, you do not believe in yourself and have lost confidence in what you can do. Your fear is holding you back. It is comfortable. It is time to start taking control and awaken what is already inside of you. YOU. ARE. NOT. YOUR. FEAR. You have fears, but it is not you. You are bigger than these fears. It is time to take responsibility and start acting. What if you do it and it doesn’t work? What if you do it and it is a success? No one is going to do it for you. Just like in Wizard of Oz, the power is already in you, my dear.


Activate Your More

Now that you have awakened your confidence and inner belief, you are ready to activate your more. I’m not talking about tactics and strategy, because you already know what to do. I am talking about ridding yourself of the habits and behaviors that keep you stuck. When things don’t work out the way you want them to you, beat yourself up, right? And when you beat yourself up, you close your heart, you close yourself up. You punish yourself.

Give yourself a break! Perfection doesn’t exist. We are all a work in progress. Stop looking for it and quit beating yourself up. Some of you keep counting your failures. It failed and didn’t work out, so I’m just not going to do it. I want you to hear that your failure is an indicator that you are taking steps. Maybe that path isn’t the path, but be grateful, keep it moving, and choose another way. Are you caught up in indecision? You know the one step you need to take, but you’re not sure you want to. Maybe it’s not the right time, but maybe it is. You must decide because only when you make a decision does the door open.

So those are some of the behaviors and habits that you need to shift. Who’s running the show in your life? Is it you or is it your fears? Once you become more aware, you’re able to awaken what’s possible for you – your God-given potential. The power is inside of you. Your fears have covered it up, and you believed the lies. If you have a dream that’s been on your heart and you want to birth that in 2020, you must eradicate the fears that keep you struggling, stuck, stagnant, and sabotaging your success and happiness.